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A retreat for the busy woman who wants to radiate inner and outer beauty.

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Trendsetting Meets The Classics

A full service boutique salon where personalized care is combined with the artistry of the most current beauty trends in the industry.


We Are Here For You

Whether you are seeking hair care, spa services or a makeover, we welcome you to be our guest. With over 30 years in the business, we provide a menu of evolving services and are even prouder of our staying power.

Hair Design

  • Hair Styling/Cuts

  • Up-dos

  • Perms

  • Relaxers, Defrizzers, Straightening

  • Custom Coloring and Correction

  • Foils - Lo Lites, Balyage

  • Complimentary Hair Consultations Always Available

Spa Services

Relax, Rejuvenate, Repair…


We provide the highest level of hand care. Your hands will be treated to the finest products and pampered by our highly skilled estheticians.

Spa Pedicure

Treat your feet to aromatic sea salts, foot peeling with green tea and fruit acids, a paraffin dip or a marine masque to hydrate and soften. As always your feet are then manicured and polished.

(Be confident that your safety is paramount, so we practice the highest level of care for pedicure and manicure implements as well as tubs.)


Our skincare specialists provide a range of services from Teen Acne Facials, Deep Pore Cleansing along with the latest in skin rejuvenation techniques such as Microderm and NuFace Skin Firming Facials.


Full service waxing available in private rooms. Our estheticians use three different types of waxes specially formulated for your needs.

Appearance Coaching

As an Appearance Coach, Clear Skin founder Lola Intagliata offers a portfolio of services to create a personalized blueprint for looking your best and achieving your goals. Lola is a certified member of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International), a Color Me Beautiful Consultant and a Fashion Feng Shui ® Facilitator.

Color Me Beautiful/Essential Colors

Have you ever been told, "Wow you look great today!" Ever wonder what you did to prompt that comment?

As a certified Color Me Beautiful/Essential Colors consultant, Lola empowers clients to use color as a catalyst for success.

Fashion Feng Shui ® - Exclusively at Clear Skin!

Fashion Feng Shui ® is a holistic tool that empowers clients to dress with intention so they can achieve their goals.

We Are Fashion-Forward
We Are Modern
We Are Creative

— We Are Clear Skin —

Meet The Team

Every Clear Skin employee has over 10 years of tenure - the best measure of our success. When you visit us there is always a familiar face. In a constantly changing world, we are proud to stand by you for the most important milestones of your life whether it's your wedding, graduation or prom.

If you're not a member of our family yet, we invite you to give us a try. If you are a valued client, thank you for allowing us to celebrate "you."

Lola, Clear Skin Founder/Owner

Hairstylist/Colorist/Makeup Artist/Esthetician
Appearance Coaching
Essential Color Professional Consultant

"Color can be a catalyst for success."
"Our focus is enhancing the lifestyles of busy women to simplify their lives."

Lola's passion for the beauty business and entrepreneurial spirit are the driving forces behind Clear Skin's growth and success. She grew up in the industry observing her mother, salon owner Kiki Avgoustatos, which afforded her a bird's eye view of the positive impact a makeover, updated hairstyle or fresh look can have on a woman's confidence. Armed with this insight, Lola after gaining invaluable experience at Christine Valmy opened Clear Skin at just 21 years old with her sister Sonia Copoulos. With an initial focus on skincare, Kiki eventually joined the salon and their services expanded.

As a Redken certified colorist, Lola intrinsically understands the science behind color and hair design. The transformative experience of "looking your best" has influenced Lola's evolving passion for image consulting and education. Her newest focus "Fashion Feng Shui ®" teaches clients Feng Shui philosophy and principles to help reach personal fulfillment.

Hair Design/Colorist

"I love having a history with clients, some for three generations."

Deborah enhances the beauty in every client by highlighting their best features. Her expertise in hair design, color, fashion and product knowledge are unparalleled. Working with each client to bring out their personal best is the hallmark of her work.

Hair Design/Colorist

"Color can be a game changer."

The opportunity to create original looks and styles were motivating factors for choosing a career as a hairstylist. Whether it's an edgy, classic or sophisticated look, she's always curating new ideas and looks for her clients.

Hair Design/Colorist

"Everyone has a little 'something special' about them; my mission is to make that 'something special' shine.'

Fil is known for her expertise in hair color and hairstyling. Yet, her highest praise comes in the form of her loyal following. Her empathetic nature and flair for style have been a winning combination.

Hair Design/Colorist

"From romantic up-dos to fashion forward cuts I love making our clients look beautiful."

Jeanette adds European style and elegance to all her work. She finds inspiration everywhere and brings a cosmopolitan elegance to her customized special occasion styles.

Esthetician/Spa Specialist

"Finely manicured hands make a statement."

Andrea caters to each client's personal needs. Her spa pedicures, manicures, body waxing and facials all exemplify her expertise and gentle touch.

Salon Assistant

"I love coming to work and being part of the artistry we create every day."

As a Salon Assistant, Angela works to ensure every client is pampered and satisfied.

Spa Specialist

"A manicure and pedicure are the signs of a well put together woman."

From finely manicured nails to spa pedicures Dina provides the best in spa treatments.

Salon Assistant

"Our clients are like family."

Rosemary's expert color assistance is invaluable and her personalized hair treatments ensure long lasting results.

Salon Coordinator

"Every client is part of the Clear Skin family.'

A multitasker at heart, with a foundation in hairstyling, she answers questions, troubleshoots and works tirelessly to handle clients' needs.

We Celebrate You!

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

New at Clear Skin

We are the first to bring the blowout concept to this area...a concept that is swarming the country. When walking into the salon there is only one word to describe it - Wow!

Want a high-gloss blowout that will keep your friends talking for days? Pick a Clear Skin Signature Blowout and get started. Click here and get blown away!


"Is your image aligned with your goals?"

As a trailblazer in the beauty industry, Lola will build you a roadmap to success. The goal is a confident, winning image.

Color Me Beautiful

Lola utilizes this world-renowned system, based on a Seasonal Color Analysis, to identify complimentary clothing, makeup and hair color to highlight each client's best features. Color Me Beautiful is based on the 1898 color theory by artist and Professor Albert Munsell.

If you've ever struggled while shopping or searched your own closet for outfits that make you look your best, you know how invaluable this service can be.

Clear Skin also offers a line of cosmetics that complements both color systems. As part of your analysis, optimal makeup colors will be personalized based on your coloring.

Essential Colors

As part of your color analysis, Lola will base your color recommendations by employing the new and exciting Essential Colors palette. This color system introduces not just new colors but textures and shades for a richer color analysis. A great way to update and enhance your Color Me Beautiful analysis!

Fashion Feng Shui ®

Fashion Feng Shui ®, an innovative transformational styling philosophy developed by American stylist, Evana Maggiore. Feng Shui principles are applied to your personal appearance to teach you to dress with mindfulness and intention so that your outward appearance, wardrobe and style express your authenticity and attract your deepest desire.

As a Feng Shui Facilitator, Lola will show you how to attract the energy you desire through color choices using a color system based on nature's five elements:

  • Water: The Philosopher

  • Wood: The Pioneer

  • Fire: The Pleasure Seeker

  • Earth: The Peacemaker

  • Metal: The Perfectionist

"Finding and understanding your image/style is an ongoing journey."

While past analyses focused on the physical self, Fashion Feng Shui ® addresses the body, mind and spirit. We all know how a new haircut or beloved outfit makes us feel. Now imagine aligning your wardrobe with your inner spirit and intentions such as landing that next promotion, meeting someone special or reinventing yourself.

You will be amazed by your results and how your self-confidence will soar. The energetic language of Nature's Elements and Essential colors will empower, flatter and affirm your intentions. Learn more at

Gift Certificates Available for Purchase!


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